Little House of Horrors…

Airbnb hosts are TWE (the worst ever).

Time to invest in again.

I can definitively declare my Christmas vacation the  most aggravating ever in my whole entire life.

We rented a house over Christmas through Airbnb in Delray Beach, Florida.

Our Place in Delray is filled to the brim with my mom’s aides so we needed to land elsewhere.

To begin with, we were scheduled to meet the property manager at 5pm on December 16th.

Plans were made 8 hours in advance.

I was supposed to text her 10 minutes before arrival which I did and she replied she had other plans.

Thanks for reaching out.

The beginning was ominous…was the dead cat in the driveway a sign of what was to come?!

That was the least offensive part of the three days in hell.

We never had hot water and were unable to shower.

We had to find other outlets…of course, we were promised daily that the hot water heater would be replaced.

The property manager had a Mother Theresa attitude without the sincerity.

Her passive aggressive manner was irritating as hell.

Another matter was the bedding which appeared to be from a homeless shelter.

The bed pad popped off nightly, enveloping us in quilted hell.

Hey, I am the type of girl that never wants to know what lies beneath the fitted bottom sheet.

Our daughter, Courtny, was imprisoned in her bedroom twice because the door knob was broken.

Available space was at a premium as the owners filled 3/4 of the drawers and closets with their skanky possessions.

On the day the water heater was to be replaced we received a text, saying we could stay at full price, but they were not fixing the problem and ultimately preferred that we vacated the premises.

The onus was put on us to secure a refund from Airbnb and we should feel free to find other accommodations.

No problem…easy peasy 5 days before Christmas in a resort town.

Fed up, we packed up, left the place immaculate and slept on my mother’s floor for the next 7 days.

In the interim, my mother was rushed to the hospital and the AC broke, causing a flood.

That’s not the entire saga, but I don’t want to bore you with more details.

Anyway, here’s hoping that all your holiday dreams came true.

Silver lining…Queen E. is recovering, ensconced in her Barca Lounger, the weather was sunny and 80 every single day and Santa delivered, saving the day.


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Glad your mom is on the mend. Sorry about all the housing crapola.

    Here’s to a better year ahead!

  2. oh,dear….cannot believe your torturous holiday!! Glad you all made it it through and hoping your new year will be less eventful* Sorry to her Eunice was in hospital …glad to hear she is back home. Best to all in 2018, sent with love

  3. The saga sounds like a dream sequence from a panic nightmare! But so glad You All woke up in time to enjoy the real delights of the holiday- and to go on to enjoy all the delights waiting for you in the year ahead.

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