Toby - If The devil Had Menopause
Toby – If The devil Had Menopause

One day when I was hot as hell and rolling natural hormone creams up and down my arms, I decided to reach out to other women.

My voice was heard. People responded.

If the Devil had Menopause…we would all be in hell is inspired by my menopausal moods intertwined with just living life. It has organically morphed into a daily accounting of life’s adventures. The devil is a blog about nothing and everything…Seinfeld meets a scorching, more experienced Carrie Bradshaw.

I never seem to run out of injustices to delve into. My deep and painful love affair with the NY Giants always provides fodder for my blog, as well as my passion for gourmet cooking. My unabiding obsession with restaurants is reflected in my weekly restaurant reviews.

Additionally, I explore travel, movies, museums, theater, retail therapy, plumber’s crack and the pervasive sense of entitlement in the world. The topics are endless and always heavily seasoned with humor and sarcasm.

When not sweating, I am an accomplished mother to a fabulous daughter and 2 amazing doggies, wife to a very handsome husband, publicist to many undeserving clients, an accomplished cook (so I have been told), rabid sports fan, and a very snazzy dresser.

I also look exactly the same as I did in 1984.  See above for evidence.  ~ Toby

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