Flagrant Fouls Dominate the Game of Life…


Washington Committing Excessive Amount of Fouls…

It’s the NFL playoffs and in the heat of battle, we often witness flagrant fouls.

I have watched the multitude of post season football games and the padded Adonises are playing by the rules.

Unfortunately, outside the world of football, I am seeing major flagrant fouls.

I throw the yellow penalty flag at the senators in attendance during the White House immigration meeting for invalid fair catch signal, first claiming that they didn’t hear Agent Orange’s profanity laced, racist remark condemning Haiti and Africa as “shithole countries” and then denying that Humpty Dumpty said anything offensive…offsides,  partisan shitmongers.

I cry foul and flag them all for Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Whether that 239 pound nincompoop (and we all know that number is fake news) uttered shit hole or shit pile, he took a huge dump on a large portion of the non-Caucasian world.

Senators Purdue & Cotton photo:CNN.com

Additional 15 yard inappropriate personal conduct penalty on Senators Cotton and Perdue for encroachment and illegal blocking of the truth several days later after clumsily fumbling the ball.

Georgia Senator Purdue is ultimately ejected for multiple flagrant fouls, including unnecessary roughness on Senator Dick Durbin, the only politician in the meeting who allegedly told the truth.

Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen photo:NY Magazine
Department Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, you are fined for excessive use of hair color and the flagrant foul of complicity in lying, deflecting an obscene pass and engaging in out of bounds stupidity.

Did you seriously say that you did not know whether Norwegians come from a predominantly white country?!

By the way, isn’t your ethnicity Danish?

Denmark is so close to Norway that you can take a ferry ride and be in Norway in under 2 hours (there are 84 weekly crossings), the flight is under one hour and the drive is less than 300 miles and you “actually do not know” whether Norwegians come from a predominantly white country?!

Many intelligent citizens now have extreme doubts as to whether you are fit to run Homeland Security if you can’t differentiate between black and white.

I’m also flagging you for unnecessarily piling on praise on the president and excessive ass kissing…these penalties just cost you advancing the ball in the political arena.

Gloria Allred, Stormy Daniels photo: NY Daily News

I’m flagging the junk food golfing Commander-in-Mischief for throwing a forward pass to an ineligible porn star receiver while married and then placing a $130,000 illegal bet on her keeping her mouth shut despite using it for offensive plays.

A flagrant foul on Congress for illegal crackback block on Team DACA.

Personally, I am throwing the penalty flag on the disreputable host of the Air bnb house that I rented over Christmas (https://ifthedevilhadmenopause.com/little-house-horrors/).

The free agent must have seen my blog post, “The Little House of Horrors” and had the audacity to contact Air bnb.

The company texted me stating that the owner requested the removal of the photo that I personally took of the house, which is public domain, off my post after she lied, ejected us from the playing field 5 days before Christmas, presented a game plan devoid of hot running water, to name just a few flagrant fouls.

She threw illegal blocks, she was offsides with her repeated lies and she should be flagged for “holding” out on my family.

Ultimately, the Air bnb commissioner should permanently ban her from the Air bnb team.

The Universal game plan is the following…In order to earn respect and high ratings, let’s all strive to play a clean game and cut way back on all illegal low blows and chop blocks.


*Photo: Penn State News

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