You’ve Got A Friend…

I have been staggering around New York City.

No, I am not intoxicated (except with this fab city) or high on gummies.

I am hobbled by a naughty hip.

Most people have been incredibly thoughtful, stopping to let me pass or offering to help, vacating their seat on the subway.

A few would rather cut me off then delay their journey for 10 seconds, but on the whole I am duly impressed with humanity.

What saddens me is that on one hand people can be so kind and then there is the painful disappointment.

On a disillusioning note, an 8-year-old boy had a lemonade stand set up in a lovely New York City upper west side neighborhood.

Two teenagers lined up and asked for lemonade. When the boy turned around to prepare the drinks, the teens grabbed the money jar and fled on scooters.

The young boy told police he feels disappointed in humanity. “I didn’t realize that someone would want to rob an 8-year-old.”

It sure seems that we are doing a lousy job of protecting the youth of America.

On a much more heightened and tragic note, Ajike Owens, a devoted and loving mother of four, was shockingly and unjustifiably murdered in an attempt to protect her children from racism and violence.

She merely knocked on her neighbor, Susan Louise Lorincz’ door, unarmed and with her son standing next to her, to discuss the matter. She was immediately shot at through the front door, hitting and fatally killing Ajike.

Such a senseless act and the murderer was initially protected by another heinous Florida law, Stand Your Ground.

Stand Your Ground laws are made more lethal by our nation’s history of racism, are reinforced by America’s weak gun laws and are galvanized by outside influence by gun rights groups like the NRA.

Please consider contributing to the GoFundMe fundraiser organized by Pamela Dias (Mother of Ajike Owens) set up to help with funeral costs as well as establishing an education fund for her four small children.  (copy and paste)

Have a great weekend and be kind to one another.

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