You’ve Been Chopped…

cooking mojoI am nervous that my cooking skills have evaporated.

Renovations, flights of fancy, flooding and Nurse Ratcheding have taken a toll on my cooking prowess…no time for shopping, prep work and no place to whip up an extraordinary meal.

In the past, I prepared gourmet meals four times a week, in addition to weekday breakfast and lunches.


I am now the queen of take out and rapid fire meals.

My kitchen in NYC is small, but well stocked and the professional stove rocks.

I am on the verge of having a functioning kitchen in Los Angeles. My kitchen is shiny and new, the refrigerator makes sparkling water, but the oven is a pre-existing condition. A new one is on the endless bucket list.

Do cooking skills dry up like sexual organs when underused?

I am raring to get back to home cooking, but I do have some trepidation. I hope it is like riding a bike after a long hiatus…just get in the saddle and hopefully, it all comes back.

I do not want to be Chopped.


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