Women Can Do Everything…

If women are tough bosses they are bitches.

If men are difficult in the workplace they are strong and forceful.

What a double standard.

These sexist comparisons just surfaced for the millionth time as Amy Klobuchar was announcing her bid for the 2020 presidency.

Purportedly, she is a demanding boss, has the highest rate of staff turnover in the Senate and allegedly threw a binder at a staffer.

No one is condoning this behavior, but it would not be a talking point if ascribed to a male candidate.

Just look at the revolting door at Agent Orange’s White House….even Superman couldn’t do that many revolutions.

Do you have any idea how challenging it is even in 2019 to be a female boss?!

Women are still walking a tightrope with no net.

If you portray male characteristics you are labeled a bitch, overly aggressive, pushy.

We must break the chain…men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strength.

Personally, I was a demanding boss expecting the same work ethic from my staff.

In response to their dedication and hard work, I fought for their advancement and lauded their successes.

Its time to stop denegrating strong, driven women who are simply great at their job.

Many male bosses are bullies, sexually aggressive, lazy, demanding, self-impressed dicks.

Gender should not dictate success…it’s a tired, archaic standard.

No new revelations stated here, but isn’t it well passed the expiration date to leave the labels and harassment behind and judge on merit.


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