Sunday was an amazing day.

The weather was glorious and the sun set on two huge victories.

The NY Giants finally won a game and the NY Yankees won a must win game to get into the playoffs.

Last night the Yankees played their nemesis the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park for a one and done post season game.

We are cooked.

It always surprises me how my happiness is so tied up in my sports teams.

Needless to say, my happiness is not on display this morning.

I am thrilled to report some good news…my couch, bedding and pillows arrived and New York is also starting to see daylight along with bright white walls and a gorgeous new floor.

One of these days I will have renovation closure although Florida still awaits permits, sitting empty and needlessly neglected.

Both endeavors (sports victories and renovation) demand surrendering control and I am not a fan of that game plan.

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