What A Man…

Whatta man, Whatta Man, Whatta Man…

Just replayed President Obama’s farewell address.

As with a great movie, I was moved and did not want it to end…I’ll admit to welling up.

When he spoke of Michelle, Malia, Sasha and the Bidens, all hell broke loose.

President Obama is the personification of class…so eloquent and gracious.

photo:ABC News

When you think about all the shit that has been hurled at  the Obamas over the past eight years, you can only imagine what Dump’s reaction would have been.

I kept trying to imagine any truth, self-effacing humbleness or motivating words flowing from Agent Orange’s pie hole.

I cringe at the pomposity and what his self-involved, insecure, vicious tweets will declare.

We need to all stay involved in the democratic process to push back against the entitlement of the Trump family of supporters, nepotism, racism, anti-semitism, hatred and the desire to keep it all for the privileged.

Let’s band together to make it through the next trying four years with love in our heart and the desire to keep the progress of the past eight years from regressing.

Keep the faith, my fellow Americans…Yes, We Can!

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  1. YES!!!!!!! Thank you.

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