Wash & Fold…

I don’t mean to air my dirty laundry in public.

But, for many reasons, I abhor doing laundry.

Solution…invest in disposable clothing.

My daughter has a friend who wears certain items once and donates.

Folding is the worst, especially t-shirts.

Linen sheets are fabulous, but a laundry day responsibility.

In New York you cannot have a washer/dryer in your apartment because it is designated a landmark building, fancy name for old plumbing.

You have to sneak downstairs in the early hours or late night to secure enough free washers and dryers.

In Los Angeles laundry fortunately is in house, but the clothes seem to multiply quickly,

Feeling empathetic towards my chore, I spin along with the laundry. Yesterday, while multitasking, I completed my 800th Peloton ride.

In Florida the stackables are smaller lending itself to more frequent laundry days. Multiple beach towels are a bitch.

In France, who the hell understands the foreign machinations and endless cycles.

I know, first world problems, but my posts are hungry  for a bit of levity and I just don’t want to get all lathered up over the state of this country today.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, but being a little bit dirty can be fun.


  1. Kelly Ritter says:

    I agree. When do we get Mrs. Jetson’s awesome mid-century space dress, whole closet dry-cleaning, and Rosey the robot? These future times are not so different from my mother’s past. I feel cheated.

    • Me, too!! I’m paying for always having my laundry done straight through to grad school!
      Now it’s an unappealing constant in my life!
      How are you? Good to hear from you💜

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