Tangled Up In Blue…

Red was always my favorite color.

I need to pick another hue.

I live my life in the liberating shadow of blue, but I now have a home in mostly red tinged Florida.

I have considered establishing Florida residency because Florida residents do not need to file a state tax return because the Sunshine State shines off personal income tax.

With Governor DeSantis, open carry, absurd  abortion laws and book banning, I just can’t quit blue…Florida is a drag because elementary school kids are now unable to attend drag shows. I know so many 5 year-olds who are devastated and don’t know what to spend their allowance on now that they are banned from attending.

If the moronic Marjorie Taylor Green has it her way Democrats who move to Republican-controlled red states should not be allowed to vote in elections for five years.

As the flaming ass and promoter of the Greening of America states, “You can live there and you can work there, but you don’t get to bring your values.”

I’m seeing Red.

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