Suspended Reality…


This is 2020.

Barbara Walters has been whispering in my ear for days.

It’s Monday morning and reality has dawned.

My family spent the holidays beachin’ it.

 I read 13 books.

I swam 50 laps daily at 7am surrounded by swaying palm trees without a human in sight.

I walked miles on the white sand beaches.

We indulged in amazingly fresh stone crabs, clams and oysters.

The family experienced a joyful, generous, exhilarating Christmas.

We celebrated a stunning New Year’s Eve at the culinary gem, Red Paper Clip, sipping Champagne Mousse and savoring fresh truffles.

The NY Giants season mercifully ended and I now have a 9 month hiatus from frustration.

Hopefully, during the next nine months the Giants will give birth to a winning team helmed by a forceful, intuitive, creative head coach.

My husband hit the two month anniversary of his surgery and finally has achieved normalcy…onward.

If you have free time in the New Year I recommend the movie, Bombshell, Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, the British Showtime series, Back To Life and a warm although not glowing endorsement of Little Women.

A must see is the film, Just Mercy, based on a true story…it is gut wrenching and compelling.

Please consider making a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization in Montgomery, Alabama created by Bryan Stevenson and the inspiration for Just Mercy.

Wishing everyone joy, good health, a new U.S. President and a plethora of exciting adventures.

Smooth sailing in 2020.

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  1. Here’s to many more wonderful days!

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