Support The Girls…

the girlsFriends, it is not pretty out there. Women need to support the girls. 

I was able to spend quality time reading, observing and relaxing on the beach in Florida. I also did my fair share of people watching at restaurants and in exclusive shopping areas.

Question: why choose to wear a particular swimsuit or bra when your breasts are hanging down to your waist? In the age of the selfie, just snap a photo when you are trying on swimsuits or getting dressed and focus in on the girl’s support system.

Let me make an unchallengeable observation…the girls are sagging, uninspired, lonely, hanging below the limbo line.

Our boobs do all the work and do not deserve this kind of neglect. The girls entice the male specie, they nourish our children, perk up a sweater, offer comfort to friends and strangers.

Don’t let this ditty be on a continual loop when you walk on the beach, stroll down the street, saunter into meetings…”Do your boobs hang low, do they waddle to and fro.”

saggy boobs

Be loyal and diligent and take time to get the cup size right and support 2 of the best friends you will ever have.

Even fully clothed, we let them hang low. My mother’s demographic unfortunately  are ardent supports of the Hang Low, Sweet Chariot club. They ignore those 2 little sad mounds that have served them well for generations.

I remember running the Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco, an annual event that is fun and innovative. The course starts at the Embarcadero adjacent to San Francisco Bay and ends at the Pacific Ocean where the waves crash onto Ocean Beach.

Many participants are scantily clothed. I still cannot void the memory of a group of 70 year-old hippies who ran topless with the girls bopping around their belly buttons with only their fanny packs for support.

Come on…you don’t wear shoes that are too small, panties that don’t cover your privates so take a moment to buy the correct bra size and wear a swimsuit that enhance the girls, not offends, flattens, ignores and leave them to their own devices.

If money is an issue, Old Navy has fabulous beach apparel for under $30 and Target sells undergarments.

Be supportive!

Please be responsible and take the time for an annual mammogram, self examination or yearly gynecologist’s  appointment.


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