Summer Camp…

I need to make myself scarce the next two weeks.

I guess things could be worse since this place has all the trappings of an adult summer camp minus sleeping in bunks with multiple other campers.

I hit the fully equipped gym around 7am and they have Peloton bikes so I am all set.

I then do laps in the pool, check on the home improvement progress and then head to the clubhouse to meet my employed husband for lunch.

 Spa treatments abound.

Golf, tennis and pickleball which appears to be quite the rage are all here.

Rumor has it that Happy Hour complete with gossip and the once over is a daily occurrence…I have yet to join in as I am slow to group indulgences.

Maybe I can get my TV agent daughter to put together a Housewives of Palm Beach County franchise…definitely enough material, designer labels and facial fillers to qualify.


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  1. ellie lupo says:

    must be your Mom’s condo…..purple…..actually orchid…bathroom!
    extra’s there seem to be a plus…….pool,bike etc.!

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