Smell That Smell…

I feel confidant that most of my readership has been to New York City.

Here’s a thought that literally assaulted me on my way home last night.

Why do all cabs either reek of body odor or a virulent  mash up of exotic foods and spices.

There are 16,000 taxis in NYC and, although I have not been in all of them, the ones I have occupied all smell the same.

The answers may seem obvious, but still I wonder.

Last night, we hailed a cab in the west village and it was 33 degrees with low humidity.

How can someone perspire in that climate?!

I asked the very pleasant driver if he had been working all day and he said he just came on.

So the offensive aroma had to be food…but it is so cold. How does the smell sustain in a frigid environment?

I think I need to stick with Uber.

I may have to be be fake nice since passengers are rated, but the cars are much cleaner, the seats are padded and in good shape, there’s legroom and the cars never smell….they don’t always immediately know where they are going, but Waze eventually steps in and sets them straight.

The smelly cab issue is apparently front and center as there is even an app called, Smelly Taxi where you can Smell & Tell.

There is hope. Allegedly, there are some “Taxis Of Tomorrow” on the streets of NYC.

The taxi is able to stop smells thanks to fabric in the ceiling made with charcoal that is designed to soak up odors, from b.o., food and bad cologne.

It’s 2017…hard to believe that smelly cabs still exist and that the 600,000 people who take taxis everyday in the Big Apple haven’t pushed back more against these rotten apples.






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