Lounging in a turquoise Adirondack chair on my patio.

It feels as if I am waiting for Father Time to do a drive by.

Taking it all in, I never realized that my nails could be so reflective of being quarantined yet oddly hideously fascinating at the same time.

I am trying to read, but cannot focus because I am tired from lack of sleep.

When I do pass out my dreams are too weird to even talk about and aggressively wake me up.

I guess I am also subconsciously crushing on Willie Geist and Joe Scarborough because I cannot seem to miss a 3am rendezvous with those two men.

Another afternoon reckoning…I’m on the clock.

Just think only 3 more hours until Cocktail Time and 5 more hours until I can head to the kitchen and create meal #156.

Yes folks, I cannot believe I have fully prepared 156 meals since lockdown, with no takeout or frozen prepared meal substitutions.

Remember the old days when restaurants were in my wheelhouse?!

My daughter just called and interrupted self-reflection so I was entertained and distracted for 45 minutes.

Trying to pry myself out of the Adirondack chair, but the turquoise has captivated me.

My mission is to go inside and devote an hour to Pilates class and then wash my neglected mop.

Motivation is stirring.

See you on the other side of today’s isolation.

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  1. Well I do love the color!!!

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