Rarified Air…


No not Chase Visa miles.

Allegedly, that is the number of millionaires in New York City.

Wow, if I were young and single I would definitely be bobbing for those crisp, shiny Apples.

New York City has retained its title as the wealthiest city in the world, boasting 50,000 more millionaires than second-place Tokyo, followed by San Francisco and the Bay Area, London and Singapore.

Moscow millionaires plunged 44% over the last decade…unfortunately, Putin is unaffected.

The Bay Area has more billionaires than NYC, though, with 63 to NYC’s 58…I can attest to the richie riches, but the Bay Area is loaded with physically unappealing merchandise.

I moved from San Francisco to New York City. My real estate tax bills are huge, but the noteworthy millionaire/billionaire status appears illusive.

I think I need to set up a GoFundMe page in order to keep on living in NYC…all I know is that despite the tax breaks I rather be financially challenged in NYC than live full time in the authoritarian, open carry, anti-everything and now Florida has the lowest threshold for the death penalty in the country.

For many, Ain’t no Sunshine in the state of Florida…Defund DeSantis!


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