Picture This…

When I was a kid, I loved Flash Cards.

My mom would test my alphabet and addition acumen employing these visuals.

Sadly, Flash Cards went the way of Cliff Notes.

I just learned that flash cards have been resurrected to inform Agent Orange about the state of the world, boiling down key issues to 2 or 3 talking points with the complexity of, See Jane Run.

To provide some context, past presidents were given 5 to 6 page memos daily by the National Security Council to bring them up to speed regarding complex geopolitical issues.

Trump rejected these outlines and told them to edit.

Staff then trimmed the president’s briefing material down to a single page.

Humpty Trumpty deemed it excessive.

A senior Trump aide explained to the staffers that the president is a visual person and asked that the points be expressed pictorially and presented nicely on heavy stock.

The National Security Council regressed back to kindergarten standards and resorted to, See Jane Run.

I was done with Dick and Jane by mid-kindergarten.

The clumsy duo did little, there was no chemistry just 2 kids running up, down and all around, there was no plot and the visuals were lacking.

The President of the United States of America and the leader of the Free World has a kindergarten level mentality.

The possibility of two wars is in our headlights along with the trade war in China and the Putin Problems and Humpty Trumpty attempts to grasp the world’s issues in simplistic pictures.

Adding to this dismal image, the fact that Trump doesn’t like to listen to advice…remember the written warning not to congratulate Putin on his so called election victory?!

Picture this, America.

Along with Dick and Jane, the citizens of this once great country are in deep doo doo.


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