Only in Manhattan…

What happens in Manhattan, happens.

I am back home for less than one week and have seen three Broadway shows…do not put Some Like It Hot on your Broadway bucket list. Despite the stellar cast, the musical is interminable.

Stephen Adly Guirgis’ Pulitzer Prize winning dark comedy, Between Riverside and Crazy, is one of the best plays I have seen in a long time. Stephen McKinley Henderson is superb as is the entire cast which features Common. I only wish reality TV could be this real and authentic.

The Collaboration is beyond fantastic with tour de force performances by Paul Bettany and my favorite Broadway actor, Jeremy Pope. It focuses on the collaboration in 1984 between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. They agreed to work together on what may be the most talked about exhibition in the history of modern art.

Continuing with our return to American soil, we have dined out with friends at my secret Omakase place, enjoyed pre-theater munchies at The Palm, kept up the 5-10 miles of daily walking with our forever bestie, Ms. Finnley, taken in the holiday windows and Rockefeller Christmas Tree and had an only in NY moment at Quality Meats.

Friday, I got zhuzhed up to accompany my husband to his virgin haircut at Rita Hazan, my new glam place.

When I strolled in I received so many compliments since I actually wore make up, my hair was still rocking it’s previous blowout, my vintage Norma Kamali jumpsuit was a hit as were my bejeweled Gucci boots which my daughter had gifted me….I just screamed fabulosity😎

After being crushed by a mass of holiday lookie-loos during our Rockefeller Center shuffle by, I literally limped my way to Quality Meats…thankfully, I had the strong arm of my lifelong partner. He hummed Lean On Me for blocks.

My bad. I have been wearing running shoes for a month while traversing Paris and France, in general.  I own stellar shoes yet never have the opportunity to don them as I am always schlepping somewhere by foot.

Walking five miles in fashion forward boots was a huge mistake so we took my inflamed feet to Quality Meats to soak in a delicious martini with Cerignola olives.

I stumbled to the bar, a place we used to frequent.

I really enjoy the bar at Quality Meats, but the prices are now outrageous.

Whatever…the bartender is lovely and he knows how to make a cocktail.


A man of mystery perched next to us immediately engaged. He was charming and just maybe  intoxicated with NYC.

Whatever, he manufactured a stool for my husband and we commenced gabbing.

He and his precious pup were allegedly with restaurant power players who ordered everything on the menu including the $195.00 Tomahawk chop, the infamous corn brûlée, crispy potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts and monkey bread.

He and his posse graciously included us in the division of provisions even buying us cocktails and inviting us for drinks on his “boat” docked in Miami when we are in Florida.

Sitting at a bar in NYC always elicits interesting conversation, combined with the endless stream of exciting things to do I shall boldly throw down the gauntlet and declare New York City the greatest city in the world.

In Los Angeles no one engages unless to inquire who your plastic surgeon is and in Paris, rien!

Paris is  visually addictive, the food incredible and the shopping enticing, but nothing beats NYC.

Start spreading the news…only in New York, peeps, only in New York.


  1. Fabulous!

  2. Terry Nicholas says:

    Never having been to New York (shocking, I know!), I loved your richly evocative descriptions of the many wonderful sights, places and experience it offers. From theatre, to elegant Christmas decor and its many fabled and multifaceted delights, your words transported me there! Thank you for sharing your city!

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