Nowhere To Run To, Baby…

I have adjusted to ‘masking’ my feelings and activities.

The high point of every day, other then waking up alive and COVID free (knock on wood…that’s a safe surface now, right?) is hiking and biking.

I used to think that my most creative challenge was writing my blog, but now that clever space includes whipping up imaginative and delicious meals…day after day after day.

I need to check Amazon for a longer more flexible chain that binds me to the stove.

In an attempt to improve patience and self control I practice rationing my use of rubber gloves and Lysol wipes the way I used to temper my visits to Gucci and Christian Louboutin.

I fear human contact the way I used to, in the old days, experience deep rooted angst during the 2 minute drill in the 4th quarter of a NY Giant football game.

The Coronavirus now has a second wind and is rapidly gaining devastating momentum.

I am always pondering should I stay or should I go?

We are fortunate enough to have accumulated a few properties, but there is nowhere to run to, baby.

The EU has banned us from entering France, New York has put the kibosh on Californians and Florida is surging so that is not a viable option.

Guess we are grounded because there is nowhere to run to.

Enjoy your weekend and if you venture out into the great unknown, please wear a mask…it is the right thing to do, selfishly protecting yourself and unselfishly safeguarding others.

Plus, it hides all fine lines and wrinkles so you appear younger and is way cheaper then Botox or a facelift which are both almost impossible to come by these days.


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