Nasty Women Unite…

Anne of Carversville

As the Presidential campaign thankfully winds down, I am still trying to figure out why people hate Hillary.

Crooked Hillary, Infirmed Hillary, Lying Hillary…really?!

She has been poked, prodded, interrogated and she still has not been found guilty of any of the charges.

Why can’t the madness and salacious daily headlines just stop.

I will tell you why.

She is a woman.

You can grope, defame, lie, threaten, sue, interrupt and degrade a woman in the 21st century and still get away with it.

If a male candidate was stalked the way Hillary has been, the actions would never be tolerated.

Hillary’s feminine hands are tied. She cannot fight back except with a shimmy and a smile.

It is such a sexist world.

I am all about female power and shattering the glass ceiling.

My intellectual dilemma is that women aren’t as supportive or united as they should be.

I was having a discussion with a female friend who is highly educated and runs a successful company.

We surmised that women are very difficult to deal with in business.

They are often jealous, back stabbing and unsupportive.

I have very few ‘girl’ friends.

Acquaintances, yes, but no close buddies.

It is a deliberate act.

I recently cut a biatch loose.

I knew I never wanted to be friends with her. After all, what modern woman comes to Pilates class in full make up and diamonds.

She persisted and I succumbed.

Well, it turned out that she was frequently cruel and biting and it was completely unwarranted.

Thankfully, she is out of my life, but I will never ever fully understand why women are so cruel to each other.

You think of bullies on the playground being boys, but females are a dangerous specie.

The venom usually stems from physical jealousy, an insignificant slight that is rarely forgotten or a guy.

Go figure.

Woman are competent multi-taskers, the stronger, smarter, superior gender.

Why lessen the power of women with pettiness?!

Let’s prove that we can unite as one and raise each other up rather than cutting each other down.

Hey, bitches, I am With Her and any woman who isn’t is a Pussy.


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  1. Sigh. Looking at this almost a year later. Just a thought: if WW (the blockbuster movie) had come out a year earlier?

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