Intestinal Fortitude…

It’s a Small World after all.

Little contact with the outside world other than taking the patient on his daily Central Park constitutional.

A lot of interaction with white food, handling waterproof tape and disseminating large bandages.

Saturday night I fell asleep in my clothes in the living room and woke up at 4am, disoriented.

Had I slept through a decade and did my daughter put me in a senior living facility?

I quickly recovered from the projected nightmare.

It was quiet…not even a cockroach was stirring so I had a little dalliance with Harry Stiles and SNL.

David is displaying intestinal fortitude (a little organ humor)…pain is intense, movement halting, but he is dealing and moving forward towards the goal of a primarily vertical existence.

I am trying to follow his small portion diet as David has already lost 16 lbs.

Hoping to spread my wings today and really mix it up with my man Joe, Trader Joe, as I have an aide coming to patient sit with DJ Sliced and Diced.

Reading and TV are of little interest so I’m going to take up knitting…not sure I can complete the task without super knitter Queen E. to “needle” me on, but I am optimistic and considering taking requests for less challenging items…scarves, booties and decorative potholders.



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  1. your world sounds like one you have not lived in a long time…but, you are doing it well like all you do. Best wishes to David and remind him to hold a pillow to incisions when he coughs.charlie once forgot and his insides came out!! I knew this man inside and out for real. Happy Thanksgiving…..much love, ellie

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