Honoring Oxalis…NYC Restaurant Review

Sunday in Brooklyn with Oxalis.

Oxalis, an intimate gem of a dining establishment snuggled into an unprepossessing block moments from the statuesque Brooklyn Museum, is its own work of art.

The staff had me at hello.

What a gracious, inviting group of talented people featuring Chef Nico Russell, formerly of Restaurant Daniel and Mirazur.

As with Sixty Three Clinton, another restaurant that does not need to scream, “Look at me!”, warm, welcoming people create fabulosity with great service, genuine ambiance and creative, delicious cuisine.

The Michelin-Starred Oxalis highlights seasonal produce and thoughtfully curated products.

Oxalis features a lively kitchen that opens into an intimate dining space that features a multi-course fixed price menu.

We opted for the charming back bar area which offers seating under a wood-framed atrium, opening to an outdoor garden area reserved for walk-ins, featuring an a la carte menu.

The Bar at Oxalis showcases a uniquely delectable $75 three-course tasting menu.

Love is poured into every dish.

We were greeted with an unusual non-alcoholic drink followed by a unique first course of Roasted Garlic Panisse with Curried Onion which you are instructed to roll into the large shiso leaves.

The homemade freshly baked sourdough bread with in-house churned butter is beyond fabulous.

Once again, a satisfying glass of wine, a loaf of freshly baked bread and outrageous butter makes me so very happy.

This Oxalis offering will tintillate your senses and set you up for the second course.

The tender sweet Tuna is richly appealing, preserved in fruit and topped with Day Lilies.

The alternate choice was a beautifully presented Salad of Spring Greens, Artichoke and Dill enhanced with Serrano Ham and a delicious dressing.

The Halibut cooked on the bone was amazing, accompanied by potato gnocchi and fava beans bathed in a gorgeous green sauce.

The seductive Spicy Lamb Sausage, the other main selection, was prepared with market herbs and salted bergamot.

We were generously treated to the special of the day, Le Kebab D’Oxalis that was stuffed with gorgeous,  mouthwatering mushrooms.

Dessert was creatively yummy involving crunchy “old bread”, beer and banana.

The second dessert choice, pineapple guava and cajeta (caramel) were delicate treats.

You may need a little luck reserving at the very popular Oxalis, but be persistent.
Oxalis Shamrocks, otherwise also known as Oxalis, have symbolized many things throughout history. Legend has it that the leaves symbolize hope, love and luck…elements embraced at Oxalis.
Oxalis’ menu is ever changing so no matter when you visit this lovely establishment you will be treated to a uniquely delectable dining experience.
Oxalis 791 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, New York. Open Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday: 6:00-9:00pm, Friday and Saturday: 5:30-10:00pm, Sunday Brunch 11am-1:30pm. Reservations on Resy.


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