Floridian Mashup…

I have not watched the news in almost three weeks.

It has been liberating mainly because I was so invested the past 16 months.

I am in Florida now and you cannot side step politics here.

What a mashup of conflicting viewpoints.

Last night we walked by the beach in Delray and this note was on my windshield when we returned to the car;

Any suggestions of what to wear beyond a red hat?!

I also have heightened awareness of the plethora of police on the streets of Delray and Boynton Beach.

They are busy stopping cars and not one driver I have seen has been white.

If you can wrap yourself in bubble wrap and either hang at home or go to the beach, southern Florida is a lovely place, but matriculating back into society looks to be dicey and politically charged.

The server at breakfast yesterday commented on my Yankees cap and we engaged.

I disengaged when he went on to say that America is a dictatorship.

Funny, I said, coming from a person who fled the Ukraine to come to America.

I was way more at peace on my tiny Mexican island.

And I stand by my favorite adage, “You can’t fix stupid!”

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