The Family Stone…

I do not want to come across as Debbie Downer, but too many people I care about are starting the new year under the weather.

Reality sucks. I received a text yesterday from my dear cousin who is in the hospital. This revelation really pissed me off. If anyone can fight the good fight and win, it is she.

During my beach run with Madison, all I could think about was all the fun we had growing up.

I was cracking up about the time we went to the beach in Florida with our parents and we were stoned. It took 20 minutes to put the coins in the parking meter and both our fathers were intrigued as well as annoyed as to what our problem was…they were waiting and beach time was evaporating…little did they know.

That day presented one of life’s great challenges…hiding how stoned we were from our parental units. My mother kept commenting on how hungry we were…not uncommon, but exaggerated on that particular day. My aunt was delighted that we were just so happy to be together.

By the end of the day my father was really put out with our unusual behavior…waiting for us was a parking ticket stuck under the wiper of his car…after all the coin fumbling, my cousin had put the money in the wrong meter.

Coincidentally, it was allegedly the same parking lot Rush Limbaugh consummated all his drug deals…I feel honored.


The continuing saga…my mom is slowly healing, but who knows what the reality will be. My second mom is sweet as ever, but living in the frustrating world of repetition and dementia. Another dear friend is dealing with broken limbs and months of physical therapy.

So everyone reading my post, just be happy and enjoy every single, f…ing day.

I pledge to release all personal grudges (what a challenge).

I commit to letting perfection fly out the window especially when it comes to our new home. I can never commit to even tolerating our contractor and if there is a higher being, he will make sure that the jerk will be out of my life within the next two weeks.

I promise to get over every NY Giants loss within a realistic period of time.

I will do my darndest to not comment (so my husband doesn’t explode) on all the unbelievably pathetic and frustrating drivers who are allowed to obtain a legal driver’s license.

I will succumb to my hot flashes and defy conventional societal mores by going naked whenever possible.

I am one lucky person and I am going to start realizing that as soon as I get over being pissed at myself for eating a bagel…it was delicious, but carbs are the devil incarnate of all menopausal women.

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