East Coast Time…

Back in the eastern time zone.

Took a Red Eye Saturday night. The weirdest flight ever.

While I was wallowing in weirdness my daughter was reveling in a Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas  I was so jealous. Backstreet’s back, baby!

Landed at 5:15am and car rental buses only do drive-bys ever 30 minutes so that was fun, but it’s Florida so need I say more.

Headed north towards home and enjoyed a coffee at Starbucks and was provided with a shopping tip with my cappo…grocery shop at Walmart.

Who knew!

I was totally unaware that Walmart sold groceries. It was the only food store open on Easter Sunday and the prices were so low, low, low that I felt I was competing in Supermarket Sweepstakes. I just kept tossing items in and filled my cart for $125.00.

Cage free, roaming free eggs for $3.88…come on!

Arrived home, unpacked furniture and suitcases, cleaned the house and it was 8:15am.

Made it to the beach by 9am relaxed and read.

I’m not getting older I have to believe I am getting better unlike the NY Yankees.

Today, I finalize my second east coast renovation in the past year.

Never again unless I fall into total dementia.

Can groovy shoes and designer bags serve as decorator items…asking for a friend.

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  1. Your energy shames those of us who are far less efficient.

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