Drive Me Crazy…

I now understand why Florida is a swing state.

The drivers are swingers…not in wild and crazy couple swapping which I am sure they do.

They never seem to know where they are going, line dancing over roadways and freeways.

A left blinker is not indicative of a left hand turn. It could be right.

Decisions are made at the last second.

Stop signs translate to a rolling stop.

Tailgating takes on a sexual connotation, signaling the driver wants to be up your butt at all times and at all speeds.

Red lights are for automatic turning. Do not stop first.

Multiple lanes are sashayed across in one fell swoop on I-95 and then a swing move right off the exit ramp.

Drivers are extremists. The average speed is 30 or 100mph.

You often think you are approaching or passing driverless cars…it’s an optic illusion. In reality, it’s ancient, vertically challenged folks who barely reach the top of the steering wheel.

Warning…do not give the finger to erratic drivers. I’ve seen pick up trucks with guns on the front seat and that’s only witnessed in the cars that do not have heavily tinted windows.

A national survey was recently conducted and Florida ranked Top Ten among the country’s most aggressive as well as worst drivers.

1/3 of Florida drivers are uninsured probably because auto insurance coverage is one of the most expensive in America since insured drivers are paying for the high rate of annual accidents.

My mother’s insurance went up $1000 annually with a clean driving record.

Honk if you think Floridians are bad drivers.


  1. Laurie Tcath Sterling says:

    We call those vertically challenged drivers Q-tips…the white hair is the second clue

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