It Doesn’t Even Matter…

I just cannot erase a Saturday Night Live skit from my consciousness.

Jessica Chastain, who by the way was stellar as last week’s host,  plays the part of game show host, Veronica Elders.

Unfortunately, the correct answer is sadly, always the same, “It doesn’t even matter anymore.”
The questioning commences with…”The president of the United States refers to African countries as poo-poo holes and says all Haitians have AIDS.”
Does it even matter anymore?
“The president has an extramarital affair with a porn star right after his wife gives birth to their son and then he pays her to shut up. Does it even matter?
Again, the answer is “no.”
You would think that Trump supporters would get mad, but then the lying sack of poo blurts out, ‘Chuck Schumer did it’ and his mentally challenged supporters believe him.
“They just believe him!” Veronica disgustedly shouts.
This skit really resonated with me. Why does nothing ever stick to this grease ball?
He cheats, lies, is a bully and no one pushes back besides the more progressive sector of American voters.
I just wonder if the stock market wasn’t surging and the employment rate wasn’t so low, would it matter than?I’m just saying…

Watch the skit. The SNL writers nail it.

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