Cruisin’ On A Sunday…


What a ride!

That’s how I would describe last Sunday morning.

Got into my SNL ‘The Californians’ mode and took Temescal Canyon Road to the Pacific Coast Highway, turned left, cruised along the ocean, connected with the I-10 Interstate straight to the Overland exit, right on Olympic and in 15 minutes I am at the Century City mall for the 9am showing of Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation.

Mission Impossible it was.

I think I lost my breath during the film.

Lots of action and quick-witted banter not much meaningful dialogue just a fun ride.


No matter how many times Tom Cruise cheated death by falling off a motorcycle without a helmet at mach speed, stayed submerged under water without oxygen for more than 3 minutes, was outnumbered by armed and dangerous thugs, he was continually perky and damn if his hair didn’t always look fabulous…especially those strategically positioned wisps on his forehead.

My hair should look that good. I can’t even wake up from sleeping on a satin pillowcase in a docile environment and have it look like his after hanging onto an airborne Russian jet…very impressive.

Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Cruise
Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Cruise

I also enjoyed the female lead. Rebecca Ferguson, the Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation heroine wasn’t impossibly young and bodacious. She is over 30, intelligent and a very impressive foil for Tom Cruise’s, Ethan Hunt, character.

I got into the action, but the movie felt a tad long at 2 hours and 12 minutes.

My only issue was going to the movies at all. I felt that along with Tom, I was on red alert for any sign of snipers in the audience. I love the movies, but the random shoot ups in cinemas has unnerved me much to my husband’s chagrin.

The rest of the planet agreed with my take as Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation pulled in $121 million at the box office worldwide, the best debut for any Mission: Impossible film ever, guaranteeing another MI.

Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames
Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames

Kudos to the cast. Along with Tom and Rebecca, Simon Pegg was superb and Ving Rhames, Sean Harris as evil incarnate and Jeremy Renner were solid. Alec Baldwin was creepy, but good. After meeting him a few years ago at the US Open I am not a fan, but he played his part as CIA chief very realistically.

After the movie we headed home to our puppy, Finn and partook in our home version of Mission Impossible which included putting a stop to peeing in the house and negating biting the face of all inhabitants and inanimate objects.

Finnley B…definitely her own rogue nation.


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