Cold Turkey…

I have gone cold Turkey.

I have given up watching the news.

No news, no alcohol and almost no bread.

It is an unleavened lifestyle.

It all began when I vacationed in Mexico and there was no television.

I then flew to Florida and I never sat still long enough to watch and then the electronics were disconnected along with everything else relating to the contents of our home.

I was a regular at 3am in California, watching Morning Joe every day and all the way through to Brian Williams who hosted the last show of the day,

I finally realized I was excessively informed and was in too deep.I was addicted to MSNBC because I needed to know as much as possible in order to contribute to defeating Agent Orange and wrap my arms around the enormity of the pandemic.

But America rose to the occasion and we experienced a collective sigh of relief and many Americans got smart and were vaccinated.

So now I still donate, helping to fight for voter rights and defeating trumpism.

It was a dependency I needed to break for my mental health.

I am now experiencing a deep dive into reading with a side salad of gourmet jelly beans.

I guess I am an all or nothing kinda gal.


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