Clap On…

The Easter bunny delivered some rotten eggs during the holiday weekend.

North Korea was the stinkiest.

I woke up Saturday morning wondering if war was being waged between America and North Korea.

After obsessively following the North Korean nuclear weapons Easter Parade, or more realistically, a display of whose dick is bigger, I realized that Kim Jong-un and Trump could actually be twins separated at birth.

Here’s the proof.

They both constantly vie for public adulation and embellish crowd size.

L’il Kim and Mango Mussolini display erratic behavior and decision making processes.

Negativity expressed about these egotistical meglomaniacs is taken very personally.

Clapping appears to be one of their major forms of exercise other than eating.

The blustering little boys simultaneously sport hideous hairdos.

Both inherited money and power, one had his sibling killed and the other threw his out of the family business.

Control is paramount…squashing their constituents imperative.

A possessive love affair describes the sentiment towards “their” military.

They surround themselves with sycophants, living in a twisted world of their own unpredictable, inconsistent imagining.

Frightening prospects as we watch dumb and dumber pounding their doughy, pasty chests in unison, ratcheting up the rhetoric.

Thank goodness for the North Korean missile coitus interruptus on Easter Sunday or Agent Orange may have unzipped his big boy pants and prematurely ejaculated us into a nuclear war.


Kim Jong-un gif:

Trump gif: Chris Piascik animation dance party illustration


  1. Paula Lopez says:

    WOW Well put-

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