Brooklyn Museum With A Side Of Vietnamese Food…

The highly contagious Corona virus makes it difficult to dine out IF you are a conscientious objector to the unvaccinated.

Our sojourn to the Brooklyn Museum on a very cold day proved challenging.

After our museum visit I called a dozen restaurants to inquire as to whether they had heated outdoor seating.

The answer was emphatically, No.

Undaunted, I found a hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant within walking distances (4 blocks) of the museum.

We strolled over and ordered what turned out to be fabulous food.

I love Vietnamese cuisine especially since our visit to the country 10 years ago.

Bahn Mi Place in Brooklyn is a keeper.

The traditional bread is fresh and crispy, perfect for their custom sandwiches.

My husband ordered the Seafood Sandwich with an abundance of shrimp, crab with mayo, cucumbers, julienne carrots, daikon radish, cilantro served on a toasted French baguette ($8.25).

I selected my favorite bowl with Rice Vermicelli, lettuce, cucumbers, mint leaves, fried red onion and roasted peanuts ($7.50) and I chose a side of well done grilled pork for an additional $2.50.

Also offered are grilled and shredded chicken, shrimp and pork chops plus a variety of vegetarian options.

On the menu is a wide array of Pho, Rice Dishes, Sandwiches and appetizers.

The Vietnamese Iced Coffee was the best I have had in this country ($4.25).

Bubble Teas, Smoothies and Hot Drinks are available.

We were able to eat at the counter as we were the only people in the restaurant.

They were doing a booming takeout business.

I appreciated that they asked to check our vaccination card and ID.

The Brooklyn Museum and Banh Mi Place exhibit well together.

Banh Mi Place 8248 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, New York. Open Monday-Thursday 11:30am-9:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 11:30am-9pm. Free Delivery.

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