Been Here Before…

Life in Coronaville is basically experiencing a continuous nonstop loop of Groundhog Day….you can now add the new Hulu fun flick, Palm Springs, to the mix.

The benefit of deja vu all over again is that my daily repetitive skills have improved greatly.

I always thought that I was a good cook, but now I dive into the deep end and rock recipes, feeling confident enough to improvise.

Preparing extra items beyond the regimen of habitual meal planning always seemed tedious and time consuming.

Now I just do it.

Yesterday, I was up at 4am, made coffee and the next thing I knew I was stewing fruit, making croutons, sautéing chicken, prepping cole slaw,  pickling cucumbers and baking a cake.

Actually, I should have spread my cooking activities out so I have more to do during the course of the day.

Now that I have a Peloton and spin every day, my endurance has greatly improved and my bod is cha cha changing.

Daily rides are actually fun because there is no planning the quickest route due to traffic, no sign up or irritating hair flickers, cellphone users or stinky bodies in my space and the music is consistently better.

Same with my regularly scheduled hikes…going straight uphill is not as much of a chore…I can actually breathe through the vertical climb.

I am now diligent about my skin regimen. Each morning after my hike I do my multi-step due diligence.

I always cared about preserving my face, but was off and running and was remiss about the self-absorbed routine.

Daily house cleaning is a given not that I need to improve those skills…I mastered that obsessive behavior years ago.

My California vanity plate on my Volvo station wagon reads Donna Reed (DNA REED) who played the role of the perfect housewife on the sitcom back in the late 50’s through 1966.

I’m gaining on Donna.

If I knew how to embroider I would put ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ on a pillow.

That is the upside to quarantine.

I will leave it at that.


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