Atomic Saturday…

I don’t know if I was just blinded by love.

This weekend was such a blast.

I wasn’t flown by private jet to the Hamptons or comped a backstage pass to John Mayer’s intimate concert, but I had so much fun.

My charming partner in crime was groovy, as well.

I dropped my husband at Krap Magoo (Krav Maga) for his weekly Saturday morning of hand to hand combat and torture.

I was ridiculously sore from multiple dates with an unforgiving Reformer so I decided to stroll Bev Hills.

Initially, I felt a pang of loneliness because my Bev Hills partner in crime was 2500 miles away participating in retail therapy in SoHo with a friend.

I quickly snapped out of it, corrected my posture, altered my gait and strutted my blingee Gucci sneakers straight into Barneys.

The world immediately looked brighter and more appealing.

I engaged with a lovely saleswoman in the shoe salon.

We quickly bonded over Fendi and Food.

i had a long conversation with a charming man in handbags…Goyard and Gucci are selling like hot cakes.

I modeled all the new eyewear and then headed to Neiman Marcus were I had a brief affair with a gorgeous Gucci.

Infatuated, I defiantly took him home.

I will let you know if the relationship lasts or if I send him packing.

It was time to depart 90210 and pick up my self-defense expert.

We headed to Hollywood and I introduced him to Petit Trois, super chef Ludo Lefebvre’s hidden gem and his best dining establishment.

The wait was less then 5 minutes (usually at least 1 hour).


We eagerly dove into the Burgundy Escargot, mopping up the garlicky sauce with a warm, freshly baked baguette.

Haricot Verts

The Haricot Verts salad with outrageously sweet fresh petit strawberries, feta and toasted almonds was fabulous.

Tuna Tartare

The Tuna Tartare was amazing. I loved that The fresh Ahi Tuna was cut in petit squares rather then chopped. It was mixed with capers, a dash of aioli and smothered with crispy shoestring potatoes.

Big Mec

I ordered the renown Big Mec. It was not love at first bite. The sauce was not to my liking, but I had to come face to face with the hype. I do understand why people go cra cra for the double cheeseburger.

Petit Trois Kitchen

Petit Trois has room for only 21 at a time.

Amazingly, they serve over 120 adoring customers daily.

The staff is engaging and the the tiny room is attractively decorated in french bistro mode.

Traffic was cooperative and we headed to Westwood to see the just released, Atomic Blonde.

Charlize Theron plays the female James Bond to perfection.

The fight scenes are graphic, but surprisingly enjoyable and after being bloodied and badly bruised her predominantly black and white outfits maintained their sexy, stylish appeal.

Atomic Blonde is a great ride and Charlize is beyond gorgeous.

We picked up salads in Santa Monica which is always jam-packed with unaware tourists and homeless wanderers.

Back home after 12 joyful hours, we popped open a lovely bottle of bubbly and watched a thoroughly boring movie, Ladies in Lavender, starring Grand Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

Our bedtime story was Trump’s hilariously distorted Saturday Night tweets…really missing Saturday Night Live and their interpretation of Scaramucci’s obscenity laced diatribe.

And the curtain comes down on a perfect Saturday in LaLaLand….atomically exploding with delicious adventures.

Ludo as Napoleon

Petit Trois 718 North Highland Avenue Hollywood, California. No Reservations. Street and limited strip mall parking.

*Photo: See The Whisper-Deviant Art


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