As The World Turns…

Tilted my world on its axis a bit and am now reporting from the politically speaking, less than great state of Florida.

The ride was a pleasure until entering red state airspace.

The outrageous storm that hit the Ft. Lauderdale area several days ago is sashaying to the west and became our dance partner over Louisiana.

The pilot told us to buckle up for 15-20 minutes and over one hour later the only sound coming from the cabin was a barking dog and my husband’s repeated mantra, Don’t Worry Be Happy!

Which I was when we finally landed.

After checking our home which had been ignored by the housesitter who I just learned passed away yesterday (the third one to pass since Queen E…my mom clearly does not want strangers in her home), I dove into the pool to baptize my soul as I felt I had survived yet another bumpy road.

I indulged in a club pour of Chopin on the rocks with extra olives and finally resumed normal breathing.

I am thrilled to report that the sun is rising and I am back on the patio with a firm grip on my cup of freshly brewed coffee.

If it turns out to be a turbulent day I have both feet firmly planted on the ground so bring it on and I will dance to the beat of the cacophonous clamor of mayhem.

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  1. ellie lupo says:

    i would not have been a good traveler on that plane!!!glad you are safely there…washed by the pool and relaxing….If weather not good I would probably buy a car and drive back!!!!!!
    I know for a fact that air travel is the safest way to travel…but does it need to be so high up!

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