Sweet Youth…



Sunday morning at 5:30am.

Bidding adieu to my daughter as she heads off to New York City for business and to check things out for her move in the fall.Her flight is at 7am.

I am silently having an angina attack as I would already be ensconced at Starbucks having braved airport security…she’s just now Ubering to the airport.

We had a retail honeymoon on Saturday at the Premium Retail Outlets in Camarillo.

Courtny scored big as image is everything in the world of entertainment.

Having established herself as a fashion forward agent, she needs to replenish on a regular basic.

Keeping up wit the latest trends, she found the bargain of the century at Barneys…over the knee designer suede boots for $100, a divine Theory bomber jacket (so in) for $70 and very hip black leather slip ons by Vince marked down from $400 to under $100.

There was a fab black Tory Burch dress for nothing along with a silver pleated skirt for pennies.

I bought a wallet for my mom…the expediency of middle age.

Courtny packed at midnight for her early morning departure.

I would have been ready two days earlier.

She also relished her time at the Adele concert before her early morning departure.

She even took the new Metro Expo Line to the Staples Center, Ubering from her home to the Santa Monica departure point.

That Courtny is so savvy. Why hassle with traffic and expensive parking…put the gas and parking money in your shoe fund.

BTW, are you aware that it has been more than six decades since passenger rail has been available in gridlocked Los Angeles?

Oh, to be young, beautiful, successful and spontaneous..,unfortunately, a fading memory in my Blue Period of experienced practicality.

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