Cookin’ With Gas…


I’m back in Los Angeles, willingly handcuffed to the stove.

I don’t mind most days.

The truth be told, I wouldn’t kick a sous chef or a clean up crew out of my kitchen, but I like to cook…it stirs up my creative juices.

I rarely use a recipe as I like to invent and rely on recreating dishes that I have indulged in at restaurants.

I await feedback as my family consumes the feast.

Last Sunday, I hit up the Palisades Farmer’s Market and spent $135 on fresh fish, heirloom tomatoes, fruit, flowers, burrata, corn, snap peas, organic gluten free bread.

Yesterday, I took on Whole Foods for specialty items, wine and more fruit and vegetables. Sum total $60.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s for basics and the bottom line there was $120.

Three shopping opportunities and we are set for a week.

I often wonder how much I save by cooking rather than eating out?

New York City kitchens are not necessarily user friendly…it’s all about indulging in new restaurants, patronizing neighbor joints and taking advantage of stellar takeout…basically, delivery is not happening in L.A.

Their is still a great deal of inherent joy from sitting around the dining room table, sharing thoughts, home cooking and wine with family and friends, especially during these tumultuous and politically charged times.

The kitchen is still a safe, secure, savory  haven.

The Donna Reed Show
The Donna Reed Show

 Cauliflower Rice and Vegetable Saute



It’s all about eating healthy.

Make it easy on yourself and buy Organic Cauliflower Rice at Trader Joe’s.($1.99/4oz.bag).

Spray Olive Oil Pam in the pan. Add EVOO, kosher salt and pepper…heat.

Saute onions or shallots until brown.

Saute fresh ginger sliced thinly.

Add the cauliflower rice.

Cook until the cauliflower still has a slight crunch.

I cut up fresh asparagus and broccolini (I mostly use the stems), which both need about 3 minutes additional sauté time.

Add fresh (ends cut) snap peas. If you can buy at a farmer’s market, they are amazing. Sweet and crunchy. I snack on them uncooked all the time.

Slice fresh corn off the cobb. It is important to only add the corn and snap peas for the last minute.

Other options are fresh English peas, sautéed shrimp, sliced chicken breast.

Add a smattering of feta cheese or parmesan before the snap peas and corn so it can melt down a bit.

Cooking time a maximum of 20 minutes.

Easy, delicious, healthy and inexpensive.




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