You’ve Got A Friend?…

Authenticity In Friendships

Friends are overrated.

Harsh statement?

How many people really, I mean really, really care about you?

Let’s address digital friendships since so many people are obsessed with acquiring “Likes” and friends on Facebook and Instagram and all the other social media platforms.

Digital friends are like air…I crave substance.

Screw your “Likes”, thumbs up and emojis.

Give me a brief yet succinct phone call or email, simply stating, “thinking of you or how are you?”

So many relationships are based on convenience, family ties, hometown connections.

As I peruse Facebook, most support is when people announce death, depression or illness.

Listen, in dark times it is heartwarming to have people rally, but why aren’t we always there for people?

Friends make huge overtures and earnest promises and so few deliver.

The  Housewives TV series is a telling example of friendship.

The main tenets of being a true friend are loyalty, compassion and dependability…qualities that these “friends” definitely do not portray, setting a dismal example.

I have learned the hard way to never have expectations.

Really and truly, I am not coming from a negative space….just honest, frank prodding and questioning.

Seriously, don’t you find in the real world that most people bitch about their friends rather than extolling their virtues?

I do enjoy people.

Yesterday, I met 2 fabulous women who are Broadway producers and had flown in from Miami for the opening of their latest show, Escape To Margaritaville.

I had a great time.

Naturally, no expectations.

But in general, I find many  friendships highly overrated.


  1. where are phone calls , real letters that people mail with stamps and all, stop by visits to say hello ? It is a new kind of world where we keep a distance……………….as I write this on the computer!

  2. You get it!! I don’t want a thumbs up or emoji, I want to look someone in the eye or be appreciated or thought of in sentences.
    And, I miss the days where someone stops by for coffee and we talk.

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