Your Cheatin’ Heart…

Everyday, in a multitude of ways, we walk the plank…endurance is challenged physically and mentally.

It can be small things such as defiantly and painfully mounting your Peloton bike and completing a class no matter how much you just don’t want to be perched on that bike.

You can be tested mentally just by simply calling, The Gap and having the out sourced employees repeat your order info 8 times because that’s what they are directed to do along with saying your name 20 times and asking numerous times if there is anything else they can do for you.

Please hang on to further extend this unpleasant experience by taking a survey regarding how your Gap experience was. BTW, there is no 0-10 number attached to “it sucked and the repetition almost killed me.”

Then there are the lazy peeps who brag on social media, sadly igniting jealousy with their appearance of a perfect life. The photos looks great, but you honestly know they have cut corners, never tasted the food, never tread water in their photoshopped swimsuit pic or baked that elaborate cake.

It’s all about projecting the desire for money, fame, power and good looks.

I was not surprised to read that during the very recent Mexico City marathon thousands of runners were disqualified after allegedly using vehicles and public transportation to cut the course and then falsely and victoriously running across the finish line.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely find an easy way out of anything.

You have to run the full course to declare it a winning experience.

I could not live with myself by cheatin’ as enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness come from completing and conquering the physically and mentally arduous path life often presents.




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