You Go, Girls…

Girls and I hit midtown this morning.

Feeling perky.

Missed my annual mammogram in October so I am 9 months tardy to the party and I am now ready to enter the smash pit.

Always hopeful yet apprehensive.

The worst part is sitting in the judgement waiting room in a too small Frette bathrobe with a group of women who collectively project the deep seeded anguish of the females in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Here’s hoping the girls are alright.




  1. Wishing you well.

  2. Fran brody says:

    Shame on you for being tardy, certain things you should zzJJ NEVER be late with and your Mammogram is one of those things…

    • I thought it was better to stay healthy since my mammogram was on the east coast and I was sequestered on the west coast during the pandemic! As soon as it was safe to travel I went for it!

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