You Can’t Fix Stupid Part III…

I’m not sure America is still the home of the free and the brave.

More the home of the stupid and gullible.

Election Day forced baby into a corner, once again.

Reality reared it’s ugly head, again.

Firstly, Republicans had a huge victory in Virginia which has led to complete silence over voter fraud…interesting since all I have heard for the past year is all elections in America are fraudulent.

Exit polls in Virginia show that people are more worried about a curriculum which is proven to be nonexistent. Namely, Critical Race Theory.

Covid is in the rear view mirror…gas prices are more pressing.

One of the main reasons New Jersey residents voted against New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy is because the Covid mask and vaccine mandates were deemed too restrictive.

Morons, how the hell do you think this country reduced the number of deaths and Covid cases.

At least 7 people who participated in the January 6th riots were elected to public office.

I also blame the progressives, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for Democratic losses this week. The process has been so slow and messy and frankly, the Democrats appear to be in disarray despite their good intentions.

Compromise, assholes. Take the country’s temperature and act. Stop hesitating and grow a pair equal to or bigger than Republican balls.

Biden’s ratings are on the decline. He is attempting to make America better promoting legislation to reduce prescription drug prices, repair roads and bridges, proposing universal child and healthcare, racial equity, improve public education, clean energy, supporting products only made in America…what is controversial or negative about any of these points? Why aren’t Americans bombarding their congressional representatives with demands for action that will benefit as well as improve the lives of Americans?!

Many people I talk to say they are mad as hell and can’t take anymore which leads them to shutdown their exposure to TV news, reading newspapers basically burying their collective heads in the sand.

This will only empower the opposition who are very gifted at creating fear around wedge issues such as vaccinations, masks, immigration and critical race theory. 

We need to embrace healthy conflict and try to convince people to look beneath the surface facts.

Case in point, Critical Race Theory is Not taught in Virginia public schools. If parents believe this is happening then reach out to your children’s teachers and get the facts.

In the interim, I am still entertaining other living options because no matter how hard you try to fix things the one issue you apparently cannot fix in America is stupid.

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