Wooly Bully…

There are many things in life that piss me off.

One that is prevalent no matter age or socioeconomic standing is bullying.

I will never understand the education system’s failure to curtail bad behavior which has often led to violent acts.

How many school shootings stem from students who have been bullied because they are different.

And along with schools lack of action I also blame parents for not dealing with these cruel social actions head on.

Nowadays, we have cyber bullying which is very difficult to contain as It can spread anonymously like wildfire.

Ther are at least a dozen anti-bullying organizations and yet it persists.

I had to lay low recently and tuned into Live with Kelly and Ryan, a show that I worked with for decades with a litany of co-hosts.

Kelly Ripa constantly puts down Ryan Seacrest and long time executive producer Michael Gelman.

It’s just not that funny. And, the bullying and insulting does not appear to be reciprocated.

It is a common pattern in life to cut people down.

Does it make the attacker feel better?

It is rampant.

trump overused his bully pulpit to attack anyone and everyone who dared to criticize him.

The Housewives franchises are all about ganging up on and publicly denigrating each other.

New York sports talk radio WFAN’s most popular host, Craig Carton, has mastered the art of bullying and along the way he enjoys denigrating women’s body types.

The confirmed gambler served time for security and wire fraud and after his incarceration was rewarded with the coveted afternoon drive time co-hosting job…go figure.

Bullying appears to be great sport and is not only a money making activity, but also gets you elected president.

It seems to be human nature to unearth others weaknesses and just constantly pick away at them.

Come on. We all need to be kinder or if kindness isn’t in your wheelhouse, find a more constructive outlet.

No one is perfect, especially the one bullying.

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  1. agree with all you wrote….people who bully are not happy with themselves so it seems ..in their minds…to give them power. Sad….wrong….and becoming worse

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