My body is a wonderland.

I do not think the over 50 physique was the inspiration for the John Mayer song.

Which brings to mind a great memory of surprising my daughter with VIP tickets to a small John Mayer concert in San Francisco. The limo took her and a group of friends to the memorable show.

Anyway, I digress.

My mind is also a wonderland.

From day to day I cannot anticipate what weirdness will overtake it.

Friday, I was sprucing up for our weekly sushi fest at Hide and leg pain attacked me like Nadal attacks a backhand.

I was literally down for the count. Then the migraine made a covert reconnaissance a few hours later.

Next my foot swelled, but I was already down so besides the pain it wasn’t a huge disruption!

Saturday, once the migraine faded, I was fine.

I need to get an emergency kit pulled together with ice packs, heating pad, Biofreeze pain relief roll-on to aid and abet all my physically challenging, unexpected visitors.

I adore a good surprise. These do not quality and today I meet the challenge of my 2nd Covid Booster.


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