Women’s Rights Are Human Rights…

Menstruation, training bras, first kiss, first time around the bases, first love, engagement, wedding day, pregnancy.

All memorable moments in female lives.

Tomorrow’s Judiciary Committee’s questioning of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford may well rank with those landmark events.

A women’s right to choose, power over her own body, gender equality hangs in the balance.

We must end the tyrannical reign of old white men who are all in when they want to have their way horizontally with women, but rarely want to stand up and level the playing field.

I will be watching with bated breath.

So much hangs in the balance.

I Believe Christine Blasey Ford.

I pray that the men and women who hold the power will do what is right and not vote according to party lines.

Do not short change today’s hearing…a life changing decision hangs in the balance.

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