Wishing You…

A Kumbaya moment.

it’s that time of year to reflect and with 20/20 vision I can emphatically pronounce 2020 as the year that wasn’t…what a shit show.

Many of us have been diligently adhering to strict Covid rules and have succeeded in staying well…kudos for being an honorable human.

Being confined with very few options has proven that we are strong and inventive.

9 months ago I never would have imagined life without social interaction, Broadway, restaurants, travel, sporting event, live concerts.

Yet here we are and we survived.

Our greatest gift this holiday season is in 29 days witnessing the White House revolving door with Agent Orange taking the low road and exiting Loser Left with an overdone Last Lady probably wearing a wide designer belt to hide her unremarkable waistline while gracious, empathetic, experienced Joe Biden strides confidently through the entrance to the White House hand in hand with an authentic First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

Vaccines will eventually get to us so things are starting to look up despite the fact that the New York Giants suck, yet again.

And…gather round, of course masked and staying 6 feet apart, we can acknowledge the sincere wish for good health and happiness for all concerned.

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart🎤🎼

The Devil will check in before 2021 thankfully arrives…relax, enjoy, wear your mask, wash your hands and love the one you’re with💜

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  1. And, I love the lights on the Plaza. There’s still magic here, even though it’s been restrained. Glad you are here.

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