Wiped Out…

What is it with the lack of toilet paper.

I am beginning to really give a shit.

I check Amazon 10 times a day.

Target won’t deliver in my ‘hood. They will send it to New York, but not California.

Walmart and Office Supply are out of stock.

I now have bidets in every bathroom.

I have called quarantine pow wows to review  rationing and wiping tactics.

I am even considering confiscating the remaining toilet paper and locking the precious rolls away.

Movements are  now officially limited if you know what I mean.

Toiler paper rolls were patented in 1891 leading me to believe that there must be alternative, effective methods.

My daily hikes may now add leaf exploration.

I will now need to purchase the dreaded fashion accessory…a fanny pack which I thought was laid to rest outside Disney parks in the 1980s.

Living in Coronaville knows no depth of sacrifice or ifs, ands especially butts.

*Mark Knight: kidnews.com.au

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  1. Lol!!!!

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