During my nomadic Floridian days I end up watching a lot of sports on the gigantic outdoor TV screen.

I am a sports addict with no cure in sight

The set up is actually perfect for me.

I must admit that the 2021 Wimbledon has proven to be as big a disappointment as Americans who are committed to not getting vaccinated…talk about herd mentality. Those idiots have the collective mentality of a herd of cows.

But I digress.

Wimbledon is really missing the more exciting personalities.

Without the speed, talent and good looks of Nadal, the enthusiasm of Serena and perfection of Naomi Osaka, the moodiness and precision of Halep, the new regime intensity of Austrian Dominic Thiem, the stability of Stan Warinka while featuring the continual dullness of the Ova’s who are literally interchangeable (female Russian and eastern bloc players) the Grand Slam is limp.

Play is frankly as flat as the worn out grass at Center Court.

And do not get me started on the extreme disappointment and ineptitude of the NY Yankees this season.

Life is so much like sports…the ups and downs, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

I guess I should just be psyched because America is cautiously optimistic about resuming normal programming and we are once again able to travel and get out and about.

Humans tend to want it all.

Although sports isn’t lighting up my life today I would be happy just to watch paint dry in my home if the City inspectors would allow it.


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