Winning Is The Only Thing…

I am very competitive.

Lately, it has been rearing its’ ugly head.

I have lost all patience with sporting events when my team is leading and then gives the game away.

Syracuse basketball is driving me cra cra this college basketball season.

The team is often leading and then folds.

It really agitates me and with the state of America, I have no patience for ineffectiveness.

I am even competitive in spin and the bike goes nowhere, but on the leader board I am driven to finish Top 3.

Sports has always been a huge outlet for me.

I need to back down.

The 2018 Olympic have been overhyped by NBC.

The United States athletes are remarkable with touching backstories, but I found the Games difficult to watch as many American favorites are being seriously challenged (shout out to the US women’s ice hockey team who defeated their nemesis, Canada, late last night to win Gold!)

Now I know why Agent Orange only wants Norwegian immigrants as they are cleaning up at the Olympic Games.

I edited a book on Vince Lombardi, probably the greatest football coach in the NFL before Bill Belichick.

The title was his lifelong motto, “Winning Isn’t Everything, It Is The Only Thing”.

I get it.

I was more relaxed during the past NY Giants football season because all they did was lose and failure was a reluctantly accepted way of life.

Onto baseball Spring Training.

I am anxious because there is so much hype surrounding the 2018 NY Yankees and the acquisition of homerun hitter Giancarlo Stanton in tandem with Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird.

I either need to take a chill pill or not be so emotionally invested in my sports teams.

Not going to happen…perhaps I should look into non-competitive activities.

Knit 1, Pearl 2, anyone need a hat or scarf?!

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