Wiggle Waggle Through Normandy…

Greetings from Normandy.

Fertile land of amazing seafood, butter, contented cows, verdant fields, wine and friendly French folk.

Great flight to Paris with a fun filled 30 minutes of violent turbulence, but I stayed calm using my LeMaze breathing.

We were rewarded with an Avis upgrade and 30 minutes after breezing through customs we hit the ground running headed for Rouen in upper Normandy.

We checked into our hotel and immediately after, with no sleep, but a heart full of desire, we toured Rouen taking in the impressive Cathedrale Notre-Dame which has inspired many Impressionist paintings.

Next drive by, the Gros-Horloge, a giant Renaissance clock, which hangs in the middle of the historic pedestrian district with its golden face shining down on all the passerbys.

Dinner at the Two-Star Michelin Restaurant Gill was beyond delectable, the wine outstanding and the atmosphere relaxed and affable.

Such an amazing first day.

Thursday encompassed a gorgeous drive through Normandy to Fecamp, including stunning Etretat and it’s end of the world location.

We climbed to the top of the arches to catch the amazing view.

We strolled the picturesque seaside commune of Honfleur with its half timber houses and cobbled streets.

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the Michelin Star, SaQuaNo.

We toured the American Cemetery and Memorial and the D-Day beaches, including the rugged terrain of the wind swept Omaha Beach.

We drove to Mont Saint-Michel to see the marvel lite up at night and then settled into our rental house after a dinner of local moules and frites.

With bated breath we awaited our exploration of the remarkable Mont Saint-Michel which is as compelling from up close as it is from afar.

More to follow.

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