Who Let The Dogs Out…

Looking for a life partner?

Trying to expand your friend horizons?

I recommend mylilwagon.com.

Everyday, I load my precious pup into her little wagon and we do our grand tour of Central Park.

I am stopped dozens of times by interesting, attractive men, curious tourists, engaging people with dogs.

I have met the nicest peeps.

I recommend this approach to single people or humans who want to expand their friendship circle.

In these trying times, in a very divided country, it sure is pleasant to meet kind, thoughtful and animal loving people.

This all began because at 14 years-old Madison has slowed down a bit and my parental instincts told me that it is very important that she still gets out and about.

Call me crazy, but I do believe the excursions lift her spirits.

Madison has always  preferred people to canines.

I must admit it is a daily physical challenge with our energetic pup Finnley pulling onward, the wagon with a 50 pounder on the other end and my recuperating husband holding onto my one available arm.

But what is life without its daily challenges…no pain, no gain!

And, along with the other positive outcomes from mylilwagon.com, please consider rescuing woman’s and man’s best friend and get out and mingle.

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