Who Am I…

I love not having to ever do errands.

Living in Coronaville is the perfect reason never to go to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, the dry cleaner, CVS, Duane Reade.

I have always rebelled against errands because my mom, Queen E., I believe belonged to a secret errand cult.

She definitely drank the daily intoxicating errand Kool-Aid.

Getting back to me, Amazon is now my Bergdorf Goodman.

I get giddy Amazon shopping because it feeds the shopping beast as all my retail therapy options have come to a screeching halt.

Amazon is a free pass into never having to enter a big box store again.

Sometimes I get crazy competitive doing online drive bys at Walmart to compare pricing and of course, fantasize about nabbing some Clorox wipes.

I absolutely hate clothes or accessory shopping online.

I am a tactile person and you cannot caress the found treasure.

Returns are a nightmare for me and going to the post office to bid adieu to a misstep is a pandemic no no.

I dabble online with the Gap and Old Navy for workout clothes or my signature black T, but I am never satisfied…no adrenaline rush or impulse buying.

Which brings me to another issue.

I am becoming frugal…I am gobsmacked!

Not spending money on restaurants, theatre, travel and impulse shopping has made me euphoric rather then unsettled when my credit card bill is due.

My expenses have dropped dramatically.

Covid has changed me in so many ways.

So let’s review…in the past 6 month I have become frugal, antisocial, a dreamer instead of an avid traveler, an excellent cook, a dedicated writer, a political junkie, more fluent in French, obsessed with sunrise hiking and Peloton spinning, a physical distancing obsessive human, a dedicated clean and organizational freak, a Netflix super fan, a drip Illy coffee devotee having abandoned my espresso machine and obsessed with meaningless weekend drives along the coast to nowhere.

And as with clean underwear, I never leave the house without a mask.

Curious as to see what my New Normal will be and who I will become once it is safe to start living again.

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  1. All so true for many of us
    Written eloquently by you for all

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